42602 Marchande d'amour Isabella Sophia

1 heure 2 heures nuit entière
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Âge: 45 Taille: 162 Poids: 52
Bonnet: 1 Européen Brun
A collage of characteristics and contradictions, I fall often but rise with humility and grace just as often. I am deliciously dedicated and driven, always analyzing. I love fiercely and deplore injustice. I have no time for falseness and hypocrites. My word is sacred. If I say I have your back, I won’t stab you in it. I’m visual, I’m tactile. I see you, I feel you. I read the story in your eyes. The story you most often hide from the world. I’m truly interested in what makes you tick. Sound, taste and smell are also key components. Intellectual connection and banter is a necessity in my world as much as being silent and completely in tune purely through touch and feel. I love to experiment and explore. Control and submit. I can be recklessly impulsive as well as irritatingly responsible. It’s all sexy .... as long as its with heart, soul and good intention. Be loving and kind. If the above is all too complex for you then join me on a dance floor where I am able to slow down this busy mind. It’s my ultimate happy place. It’s where I’m most at peace. No matter what experience you have in mind, I’m confident that I am able to deliver. • Maybe it’s pure companionship whereby you need a partner to accompany you to dinner or an event. Someone who can hold her own, converse with your friends or colleagues as well as stand by your side as YOUR date. • Perhaps you’ve had a stressful day or week and need a little down time before heading back into your real world ...an aromatherapy full body massage should be a good intro into slowing your mind down for a bit. Or maybe it’s just the touch you have been craving. You’ve just wanted a little bit of intimacy? • Maybe you’ve been feeling unheard or misunderstood? I’m not only a great listener but you are able to use me as your sounding board. I have experienced my fair share in life to give objective opinion. • Perhaps you are bored with shallow chit chat and need a good old fashioned intellectual conversation or debate? • All too heavy? How about some fun...a little kinky role play? ....I always have some sexy outfits on hand!! • Maybe that’s a bit tame and lame for you? You are more into a bit of rope, bondage and suspension? • Or are you looking for a female companion that you can party with, dance with, take on the back of your motorbike and even go camping with? •I can take control or I can leave that up to you!! There is a whole bunch of fun in that too...? I’m the whole package in one ...just let me know where your head is at and all I ask is for there to be trust, confidentiality and mutual respect thus creating a safe space to relax and see where the wind blows us!! Please send me a whats app introducing yourself with a few basic details. * Name: * Age: * Ethnicity: * Relationship status: * How or where or through whom did you find me:? * Preferred booking date: ☀️1st option: ☀️2nd option: * Preferred booking time: ☀️1st option: ☀️2nd option: * Duration: (please note - 1 hour min) * Preferred location: * What experience do you have in mind: * Is the booking just for yourself or are you accompanied by a partner/spouse/colleague? (Please furnish details and note that the rate will be discussed and amended accordingly) I hope I have aroused your curiosity? I look forward to hearing from you!

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